.Meet Our Staff






Verna Latchman-   A Child’s Place was founded by Verna Latchman, who

has a passion for children and for teaching. She strongly

believes in the importance of nurturing a child’s

curiosity. She also feels that “raising” children is a

partnership with parents. Her credits include 18 years in

the childcare industry as a commercial childcare professional.  This track

record includes two tenures as a center director, one over a daycare that

was licensed for 220 children in its program.


Kim Council-         Like Mrs. Verna, Ms. Kim also began her career in

                             the commercial childcare setting. She has 14 years

                             industry experience as a teacher, where she excels at

                             helping develop young minds.


Helen Walker-        Ms. Helen is a volunteer at the daycare who is a special

needs instructor for LAUSD with 25 years of experience.

She is fluent in Spanish and sign language..


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